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Seeing the sun shining through your sparkling windows is one of life’s simple pleasures. Also, realtors say that window cleaning is an excellent way to enhance the curb appeal of your home and not distract potential buyers. If not done correctly, streaks, spots, and scratches can detract from the beauty of the glass and view beyond it. Here are the window cleaning and related services that we offer and answers to questions you may have.

What We Offer

Exterior Window Cleaning

We are skilled in using both traditional and pure water methods to clean a variety of outside windows effectively and efficiently.

Interior Window Cleaning

We understand that you want servicemen to show special care and respect for your home. Our streamlined process and choice of tools reflect our philosophy of treating your home as our own.

Track and Sill Cleaning

It is all about attention to details here at Infinity Pro Clean. We strive to exceed customers' expectations with this service when elected.

Hard Water Stain Removal

Poorly-placed sprinkler systems can leave mineral deposits etched onto your windows. We offer a cost-effective alternative to window replacement. As some of the windows may be hiding pre-existing scratches underneath the hard water stain, we require an industry-standard scratch waiver to be signed.

Skylight Cleaning

This is such a great feature for many homes, allowing more natural light. But, cleaning them can be rather tricky. We have the equipment and expertise to tackle many of the skylights we run into in Lexington and surrounding cities in Central Kentucky.

Insect Screen Shampoo & Conditioning

Clean insect screens not only complete the clear view achieved by clean windows but also allow fresh air to enter your home. We use premium products to clean and condition your fiberglass and aluminum screens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Window Cleaning Questions

Yes, we can clean most high ceiling windows. We have an extension ladder and poles that allows us to clean most windows. The ladder has rubber stops and we cover the standoff of the ladder with soft cloth to not damage your floors or the paint on your walls.

This can depend on factors such as if you are located near a busy road, if you live near water, if there is construction happening in your area, if you live near an airport, or if you have pets. Generally, we recommend that all windows be cleaned at least once a year. If you notice that the inside is still relatively clean, but the outside is noticeably dirty, you may opt to have just the outside done twice a year, and the inside once. You will notice that the solution we use to clean your windows does repel dust and dirt, keeping them clean longer than before.

No, we do not offer this service at this time.

We will take care of most things that need to be done to access your windows. We can open and close curtains and blinds and move a few items or furniture that are in front of your windows. If you have something that is unusually heavy or extremely fragile, please let us know so we can decide how to carefully move it to access your window. If you have dozens of porcelain and glass decorations in front of your windows, we do ask that you move them to a safe location beforehand.

Unfortunately, we can’t. Removal of a bird nest, occupied or empty, can be a tricky matter due to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 which is designed to protect migratory aviary friends. When done improperly, the penalty can be hefty. Long story short, it is best handled by a wildlife control company.

General Questions

Absolutely! From day one of our business, we have always been licensed and insured. We are organized as a limited liability company (LLC) in the state of Kentucky, registered as such with Fayette County, and licensed by the city of Lexington and Fayette County Public Schools. We have a general liability policy covering up to $2 million with CCC and VPD clauses in place to protect your personal and real properties. In addition, we have a performance bond on top of our satisfaction guarantee policy!

We accept cash, check, credit card, PayPal, PayPal Credit, and Venmo.

We understand that this may seem counterintuitive as sales taxes are often applied to goods. As of 7/1/2018, KY state government subjected numerous services to the 6% sales tax. This new provision added 11 service categories (including janitorial services) to the taxable category, and the amount is to be added to the invoice amount just like when you buy tangible goods. We have confirmed with the state revenue department that this new tax law does apply to our pressure washing and window cleaning services. More information on KRS 139.200 can be found here:

When setting the service appointment time, it is always if “weather permits”, because there are a few weather conditions that may prevent us from performing the job safely.

  • Below freezing temperature the night before: This will often mean that the outdoor water spigot may not function properly, preventing us from having essential water access for the job.
  • Below freezing temperature during the day: We can think of a couple of reasons behind this, but one important safety factor is that water runoff from the job can freeze on the pavement, sidewalk, and walkways, creating a hazardous surface for you and your neighbors.
  • Thunderstorm: While we can perform pressure washing through a light shower, lightning certainly creates a dangerous work condition and we will have to reschedule.

Due to the unpredictable nature of Kentucky weather, we often have to wait till the day before or sometimes even the morning of to make the call. If you are taking time off work to be home at the time of our appointment and prefer to reschedule earlier based on a 5- or 10-day forecast, just let us know! We would be happy to work with you. We thank you in advance for understanding and working with us, so we can complete the job safely,

Of course! We have an automated reminder text set for 24 hours before the appointment time. If your appointment was set well in advance (think 4 weeks or more), we may set the reminder to be sent 2 days prior.